Welcome to George McClellan's Website,

This website was created as a means of displaying my music. After that proved successful I expanded it to show my poetry. Then I had a wild idea: add a section to show some of the fascinating marine projects I was involved with during my working days. It became huge, and it needed a lot of time to download. So I've broken it up into three sections.
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So now you are looking at the music page, but if you like poetry, yet wonder if you should admit it, or if you like some humor with your culture, go to the Poet's Corner

To see the strange boats and amphibious vehicles with which I was involved, go look at my Scrapbook


You will find here a number of compositions ranging from Ragtime to Stride, from Country to Latin...and now, Swing and DIXIELAND!! Most of the tunes are written for piano. Several have vocals, and these include ballads and comedy. Those with vocals have text files with links adjacent the titles which you can call up and print, but I cannot provide a human voice in a MIDI file. Instead, I've substituted instruments such as horns or accordion as appropriate.  Music scores cannot be downloaded from this site, but scores are available via snail mail on receipt of cash, check or money order in the proper amount. They must be made out to me, George McClellan. Please do not make them out to John Roache Music. Also, I do not have credit card capability, nor do I have Paypal. These tunes were all written by me, and all are copyrighted.
All rights are reserved.

Click on the titles you'd like to hear.
I hope you enjoy them.

My first CD, entitled,
"That's Ragtime, by George !"
The music on this one is all
Ragtime piano.

      This is my second CD, containing the rest of the tunes on this website excepting those with lyrics & orchestrations. 

Two music folios are now available. The first is all ragtime and the second is a mix of novelty,
stride and jazz. Each contains twelve tunes that are heard on the two CDs of the same titles.


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<<Stride & Blues>>  <<Tunes I wrote for my wife>>
<<Ballads>>    <<Latin>>
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Poetry, Anyone?

In Appreciation


One more thing has been added: My Scrapbook. Go see the funny boats - hydrofoils and hovercraft and planing hulls and .... Oh, just go look !! Click here.

Links to my favorite websites:

John Roache's Ragtimers: http://www.johnroachemusic.com
Warren Trachtman's wonderful website: http://trachtman.net/ragtime/
The Roseleaf Club: http://roseleafrag.tripod.com
For some really fine music, visit The Perfessor, Bill Edwards, at http://perfessorbill.com
Jorgen Haffgaard's site: http://staff.iha.dk/jhg/lost_the_spirit.htm

The Old Time Piano Contest is in Peoria (I useta woik in dat town! ) See at : http://members.tripod.com/~oldtimepiano
John Farrell's terrific stride piano is at http://homepages.tesco.net/~stridepiano/midifiles.htm



My first rag, and a not too shabby one at that,
I think.

A rag that would please Rudolph Valentino.

Creek Street
Inspired by a street in Ketchikan, Alaska.
White Pass
A piano duo about a train ride up a spectacular mountain pass. 
Tin Lizzy
A ragtime tone poem about a Sunday ride in a Model T  Ford.
A Real High Class Rag
This one has style.
Grace and Propriety
A quiet, graceful and tasteful tune.  Won honorable mention at a Scott Joplin Ragfest. This was sequenced by Irwin Schwartz. Good work, isn't it !
The first of the Ex Files Trilogy 
Second of the Ex Files Trilogy
The third and last of the Ex Files Trilogy
Innominate Rag
This one is for fast fingers.
T.G.I.F. Rag
My wife said, "That tune sounds like Thank God It's Friday!"
Sorta spooky but
very simple
Willow Tree Rag
Not as pastoral as you might think.
Ol' Bighand's Rag
Lots of BIG chords in the left hand. Difficult.
She is so emotional!
The fine hand of Irwin Schwartz is in the sequencing. Interesting dynamics.
Thursday Rag
This is really one of my early ones, recently resurrected.
It's so simple that 
even I can play it.
I first called this one "Nine To Five" .. but someone said Dolly Parton might not like that.
It's a toe tapper, light and lively.
Somnambulation Rag
Quiet and peaceful .. maybe even stately.  Relatively easy to learn.  Must be played softly whilst wearing your 'jammies ... and don't forget your teddy.
Ragtime Ricksha
An echo of the 20s, it's a novelty rag with a hokey oriental sound. Lots of consecutive 4ths and 5ths in the treble. Can be difficult to play.
A Rag for Rosinante
This rag was written for a Danish internet friend, ragtime aficionado, engineer, humorist and Associate Professor named Jorgen Haffgaard. He named his automobile, a Russian-built Lada, for Rosinante, Don Quixote's horse, thereby drawing an interesting parallel, obviously not too complimentary to the automobile...or maybe it was an insult for the horse. Jorgen has a very interesting website, for which a link is shown in the list of links, above. Go take a look!
Patrick's Rag
This one was written with a well known ragtime pianist in mind: Patrick Gogarty. We remember him as one who never mistreated a piano, and his performances were a pleasure to hear.


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Cleopatra's Asp
With a sub-title of "Snakewalk" this tune has a hokey Egyptian sound.  Anything to be different.
A little fantasy tune.
'Tis or 'Tain't
I Couldn't decide if this was Rag, stride or ???  Steve Goodman says it's Novelty.
Another bit of whimsey.
A Quiet Night in Bedlam
"Bedlam" is a euphemism for insane asylum, you know...
  But this piece is sane!
I tell you!!
The question mark gives you a clue. Maybe this isn't the soothing, calming strain you thought  you would hear. 
Will it be Peace or pieces?


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Stride & Blues

Charley's Tune
Includes some Charleston type rhythms and characteristics
Lazy Blues
Has a '40s sound - slow and easy
Beautiful Caroline
Reminds me of '30s player piano styles, but playable by one person
The Swinger
Stride piano with rolled tenths in the bass
Take off your coat and tie and kick up your heels!
Devil's Hayride
You'd better get off this wagon before it gets to its destination!
table border="1" cols="1" width="500" align="center">
Devil's Hayride
You'd better get off this wagon before it gets to its destination!
Mac's Blues
Some of my friends call me Mac.
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Chicago Rapid Transit
Hang on for a fast ride to Chicago's
Downtown Loop! Dedicated to the memory of 
John Roache
Smooth Cat
This is dark, sinful nightclub stuff. Uses tenths with divided responsibility, left and right hands
together sharing each tenth.

Good Night
Here's a foray into an area I haven't visited before - an orchestration in the Glenn Miller Manner. The tune is mine, and when I grow up and become the leader of my own "big band" this will be my sign-off theme.

Steamboat Shuffle
A Dixieland piece hot off the press. Writing arrangements for combos like this is very much like herding cats. Every instrument has to be independent of the others. This is an original tune.

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Ballads and songs with lyrics
Click the tune title to get the music, and then click for lyrics and you can sing along!

Dixie Lullaby
This guy looks for a return to an earlier, easier, more mellow
way of life.  A bit of light Dixieland.

Click here for lyrics.

The Midnight Choo Choo LEFT for Alabam
Irving Berlin had it wrong with "When the Midnite Choo Choo Leaves for Alabam." This is the way it really happened.
Click here for lyrics.
I'll Never Do That Anymore
Life out west isn't always easy, as this cowpoke will tell you. Several tales of woe prove
the point.

Click here for lyrics .

Sing To Me
      Two old pals try to get on track with an old, familiar tune, but memory fails. It's a duet with laughs. Might be fun for a PTA meeting.
Click here for lyrics.
When We First Met
A husband's faulty memory of their first meeting  is corrected by his loving wife.

Click here for lyrics

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Tunes I wrote for my wife.

Wesie's Tune
Written in 1992 B.C. (before computer) as a birthday present for my wife.Using pen and paper, I made a lot of errors!  This is the corrected version.
Garden of Memories
I wrote this one for my wife, Wesie. I thought it was 'Music for the Nineties'...and it was:
The 1890s!!! Somewhat old fashioned.

Click here for lyrics.
My Louise
I tried to put her characteristics and mannerisms into music.To a limited degree, I succeeded. Written in 2000 A.C. (AfterComputer.)
My wife's name is Louise, and her nickname is 'Wesie.' 
We met after she was widowed and I was divorced.

She's pretty nice.
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Quierida Mia
      This is obviously a love song without lyrics.There are none because my high school Spanish lessons of sixty years ago weren't adequate to create them. I wrote this for guitar, accordion, and vibraphone. My friend, Irwin Schwartz graciously added the percussion, which was much needed and is the finishing touch. Thank you, Irwin!
   Here is my 'other' Latin piece; this one for piano.  I tried to provide some Iberian flavor without making it too difficult to play.  The name?  The town on Panama's Atlantic coast where the pirate Morgan landed to cross the Isthmus and raid Panama City in the 1600s is named "Porto Bello." I liked it but my wife said, "That  sounds like a mushroom." And thus we compromise.  See my Poets' Corner.

New tunes will be added in this section as they are produced.

As I wrote this novelty tune I was reminded of a person who simply cannot SHUT UP, making my task of naming it a simple one.

This is a novelty tune that I can't play. But that's no novelty, either. Many of these tunes are beyond my abiltity to play.

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Ordering Information, Etc.
Prices for Scores

From this point onward, all sales will be through John Roache Music in the interest of uniformity of pricing and S&H charges.
Rather than selling individual scores, folios will be generated, each with a dozen or more tunes. In certain instances, such as
White Pass, my piano duo and Quierida Mia, an orchestration, scores will be sold individually, but the general rule will be in favor of folios, as stated above.

A few years ago I came into possession of John Roache Music, the company he founded to offer his music to the public. This was part of an effort to keep his music alive and available to the public. . In the meantime, the years have taken their toll - nothing serious, mind you, but I am unable to attend ragtime fesivals and do the other things to make a serious effort at marketing. I let John Roache Music close. I do still have some stock on hand, both John's and mine - and they can be purchased by sending a check or money order to me, made out to me, George McClellan. Include a list of the items you want, and make certain that you include the shipping and handling charges in the total. DO NOT MAKE IT OUT to John Roache Music.

George McClellan,
244 North San Marino Avenue

San Gabriel, CA 91775

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The story of my life in twenty-five words or less:

  Born in '26 into a family where everyone sang or played an instrument, I began to learn piano at age six with three chords taught me by my father.  Later, my brother Jack , ten years older, got so tired of hearing those three chords that he taught me the forms and the sounds of majors, minors, sixths, sevenths, diminished and the logical combinations of same. Playing by ear was so easy that I never learned to really  read music. I took some lessons, but was too lazy to practice. After military service at the tag end of WWII I became a licensed airplane mechanic and later a technical representative in gas turbine engines, and still later an applications engineer in the same line. When I retired I was selling large diesel generators. Then I got a computer and then some software, and I've been writing music almost non-stop since then. I met my wife,Wesie (thank God!) in 1989, after my divorce, and we've been together ever since. Actually, I got her before I got my computer, which is really the proper order of priorities.  Life goes on, and it's fun and very interesting.
    I hope everyone has it so good.

And I really hope you have enjoyed my music.

Thank you for visiting. Please come again.

In Appreciation:

I wish to thank Stephen Kent Goodman for the generous support and encouragement he has given me since I first began writing music. Without him, my composing efforts probably would have ceased at an early  date. Stephen's wife, Kelly Goodman helped me outgrow my trepidations with regard to the internet.  I also wish to thank Irwin Schwartz for his assistance in judging my works, advising how they might be improved, and sequencing and placing some of them on display on his website.  I must also thank the memory of JohnRoache, who found something of value in what I was doing and promoted my music by publishing some of  it on his website and his first CD, Syncopated Odyssey. His and Irwin's sequencing skills made works of art from some very raw materials.

Thanks also to  Lee Roan, Bill Mitchell  and others who have told me that I 'write good stuff.'